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Flash Fried Artichoke Hearts Made from scratch, served with our own fire ranch dipping sauce
Authentic Lebanese Hummus A family recipe made with the freshest and most authentic ingredients, topped with extra virgin olive oil and chopped tomato, served with pita triangles
Notso Fries They’re notso common. Golden brown cottage fries with melted cheese, chopped bacon and a dollop of sour cream
*Starter Sliders Two mini burgers topped with grilled onion, pickle and melted American on seared fresh baked slider buns
Chicken Fingers Chicken tenders with your choice of sauce: BBQ, ranch, homemade tango, bleu cheese, buffalo or homeamde honey mustard sauce
YT Homemade Soups Hearty chicken noodle or YT soup du jour
YT Homemade chili
Chili with the Works Topped with diced onion, melted cheese and sour cream
Notso Fries, Chagrin Falls, Hudson, Bainbridge Ohio, Cleveland, Playhouse Square, Mayfield Village, Beachwood

Featured Entrees

Entrees include a dinner roll plus choice of two sides: YT house salad, coleslaw, cup of soup, cottage or sweet potato fries, 3 onion rings, saffron style rice, spinach and onions, Asian veggies, fresh fruit or mac & cheese

Rock N Roll 12 oz. fresh fire grilled ground beef smothered with sautéed mushroom and onion
Tuscan Chicken Fire grilled chicken breast with pesto, roasted red peppers, grilled onion and melted mozzarella on a bed of sautéed spinach and onion
YT Style General Tso’s Chicken Fresh marinated chicken breast cut, battered, flash fried and tossed with a special General Tso’s sauce. Served with homemade saffron rice
Asian Chicken & Veggie Platter Teriyaki sautéed fresh veggies, finished with a drizzle of cucumber wasabi sauce and topped with fresh fire grilled chicken breast
Filet of Cod Pan sautéed with a dash of seasoning, served on a bed of sautéed spinach and onion
Grilled Salmon Chargrilled to perfection and laced with homemade Caribbean citrus butter
*Fresh Center Cut NY Strip 12oz chargrilled to perfection
Tavern Fish Sandwich Battered filet of cod, on a seared brioche bun with tartar sauce and coleslaw
*Friday Only* Fish Fryday Lightly battered filet of cod, served with coleslaw and cottage fries or red skins
Cleveland, Playhouse Square, Chagrin River, Falls, Yours Truly

Fresh Grilled Chicken Breast

Fresh chicken breast uniquely marinated and fire grilled to order

Deluxe any item with Coleslaw and Cottage Fries or Sweet Deluxe any item with Coleslaw and Sweet Potato Fries
Broilite Carb Conscious, No Bread! With a YT house salad or coleslaw
Buckeye Bacon Broil American, bacon strips, lettuce and tomato on a seared brioche bun
Buffalo Broil Buffalo sauce and melted bleu cheese on a seared brioche bun
Chicken Wrap Lettuce, tomato, cucumber and a side of our homemade tango sauce
Grilled Chicken Quesadilla Lettuce, green pepper, onion, tomato, mushroom and cheese
Reuben Broil Sauerkraut and Swiss on grilled Jewish rye
Tuscan Chicken Wrap Pesto, roasted red pepper, mozzarella and grilled onion
Chicken, Broil, Cottage Fries, Gift Cards