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Entree Salads

Add fresh grilled chicken, salmon to any salad

**Greek Salad Romaine lettuce with tomato, cucumber, Kalamata olives, feta and our homemade Greek dressing

**Napa Spinach Salad Fresh baby spinach with grapes, strawberries, walnuts, dried cranberries and crumbled bleu cheese, served with raspberry vinaigrette

**Caesar Salad Tossed to order with shaved parmesan, croutons, and a sprinkle of red peppercorns

**Tender Salad Sliced chicken tenders on a large YT house salad

**Cobb Salad Fire grilled chicken breast, bacon, Gorgonzola, chopped egg, tomato, and choice of dressing

**This product has not been pasteurized therefore it may contain harmful bacteria that can causer serious illness in children, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems.