The story begins...

with the Shibley family. Four siblings–Art, Larry, Darlene and Jeffrey–grew up in a home filled with their parents’ genuine hospitality. Their shared experience inspired them to open the first Yours Truly Restaurant in Beachwood, Ohio in 1981. From the original 31 seat restaurant, the company has expanded to a total of  nine Northeast Ohio locations. In their 35th year, the siblings re-imagined their first Beachwood restaurant, and they look forward to opening restaurants in new neighborhoods in the future.

Every day, Yours Truly is guided by its original mission: to exceed your expectations with great food and service at an unbeatable price. Yours Truly is a Cleveland company that strives to showcase and support other local businesses.

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The Yours Truly team listens and responds to thousands of comment cards and online reviews each year. In fact, many menu items were inspired by guests’ suggestions and ideas!

Today, the Shibley siblings, and the whole Yours Truly team, remain committed to introducing new generations of its extended family to that original hospitality and fresh, delicious food at breakfast, lunch and dinner.